The Official Website of Nick Altieri

Welcome to the Official Website of saxophonist and producer/arranger Nick Altieri

   I’m a saxophonist, a jazz musician, and a storyteller. The music I create is that which honors the music of the past and the rich history of this genre, and of the storytellers before me. But, like those before me, I look to the future for inspiration as well as the present. I believe that as an artist I’m a record keeper as well, allowing my music to serve as evidence of the world around me. I hope to impact the lives of others in a positive way and create music that outlasts me.  

    Playing the saxophone and creating music has been the common thread throughout my life. I find myself constantly coming back to music no matter where life has taken me. As I grow older, I understand the deep and powerful role music plays in our daily lives. I believe that it’s my job as a musician to relate my music to the world around me and to inspire others to experience life with my music as their soundtrack. 

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